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Our services are centered on RF and microwave analysis and design as well as custom software related to these areas.


  • Prototype development, design drawings, and test
  • Low-noise, high IP3 receiver front-ends from the antenna to digital sampling
  • Lumped and distributed filters, voltage tunable and switched capacitor filters
  • Low-noise amplifiers and medium power amplifiers
  • Low phase noise synthesizers
  • Performed design in frequency bands from 10MHz to 50GHz
  • Prototype packaging



  • Agilent ADS & Momentum, Ansoft HFSS & Designer and AWR Microwave Office
  • Expert use of nonlinear device and passive structure models in these simulators
  • System-level top-down requirements analysis and bottom-up capabilities analysis

Software Development

  • User-interface development for board control and testing
  • Program development for measurement equipment control through WINSOCK, USB, and COM
  • Custom user-defined models in circuit simulators



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