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Mixer Spurious Explorer

Explore the generation of spurious frequencies in mixers using this interactive Windows tool. There are two main views showing the frequency plan (RF, IF & LO) and the web plot (IF vs. RF, LO frequency products).

Mixers are required in nearly all RF systems to translate the high receive frequency to a low frequency for analog and digital signal processing. Unfortunately, there is no existing way to produce only one output frequency. A multitude of frequencies that are integer multiples of the input frequency and the local oscillator are produced. These spurious frequencies introduce distortion and make receivers susceptible to interference from undesired signals. The radio designer has to be aware of the existence and level of the spurious frequencies produced, select a suitable frequency plan, and design proper filters to meet system requirements. Mixer Spurious Explorer is a tool to investigate and simplify this part of the design process for up and down converters.

Key capabilities:

  • Perform frequency planning for receivers and transmitters
  • Frequency planning display and spur web display in one software tool
  • Tuning and animation mode for tunable pre-selectors
  • Addresses block converter and tuned LO converters
  • Customized mixer spur table and spur table import capability from datasheets
  • Mixer Spur Table Library with over 330 mixer tables

Licensing & Purchasing

This software is licensed as shareware. You are free to download it and use it without purchasing a license. Large text "Demo Mode" will appear on the graphs. The program is fully functional.

A license can be purchased for USD $24.90 through PayPal by clicking on the Buy Now button. Personal or company checks drawn on a U.S. bank are accepted. Please allow sufficient time for bank processing.

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 Frequency Planning View

This view shows the RF band, IF band, and computed LO frequency tuning range.

  • The RF & IF bands and LO tuning range are graphed
  • Spurs are plotted referenced to the input RF frequency or the IF frequency as selected by the user
  • Spurs can be plotted for a down-converter or up-converter 
  • Spur extents are plotted which show the full range of the input spur as the LO is tuned
  • In-band spurs are shown in red; near-band spurs are shown in purple
  • The legend and text output detail the mRF x nLO spur order and level
  • In Tune Mode, the RF input frequency is updated using the slider or can be swept through automatically
  • Select a spur with the mouse to identify it

Spur Web View

This view shows the output frequency as a function of the input frequency to the mixer. The lines are specific spurs that the mixer generates and are color coded according to their amplitude levels.

  • The desired mixer product in light blue
  • All other spurious products are color coded according to their relative levels.
  • Select a spur to see the mRF x nLO order and level
  • The X and Y axis can be the IF, RF, or LO for maximum flexibility in finding spur-free zones


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